Mature investment with highly qualified professionals and sophisticated infrastructure.

Our team is personally assigned to the specific needs of our clientele as they provide personalized guidance and reports. Our combined experience entails a deep understanding of global market trends. We apply in-house analysis based on advanced forecasting tools to make smart and purposeful investments. Our activities reflect the values of expertise, innovation and responsibility that underpin all the company’s activities. Our values are fundamental to all aspects of operations and contribute to the company’s performance and ability to offer outstanding service in a competitive global marketplace.

The firm recorded a number of notable developments that have placed it on the global industry map and had simultaneously led to solid and progressive growth. In addition to our own experience and knowledge, we have partnered with prime depositories, central administrators and leading auditors that bring their own expertise. Together, our network of professionals can provide an efficient working structure and guarantee the smooth launch and running of even the most complex fund projects.


Daily for 100 Days

  • Profit: 10%
  • Profit Payout: Daily for 100 Days
  • Minimum Invest: $10
  • Maximum Invest: $100 000
  • Principal Return: No
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After 2 Days

  • Profit: 200%
  • Profit Payout: After 2 Days
  • Minimum Invest: $300
  • Maximum Invest: $200 000
  • Principal Return: No
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After 3 Days

  • Profit: 500%
  • Profit Payout: After 3 Days
  • Minimum Invest: $1500
  • Maximum Invest: $500 000
  • Principal Return: No
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FOBS Payment

The Company specialized in wealth management and value added investments.

Our current client base includes private sector institutions, public sector organisations, and public and private sector individuals in retail, and High Net worth Individual (HNI) segments. Throughout our more than 5 years of experience and various vehicles we have consistently outperformed market returns for our investor base, which includes some of the world’s largest and most noteworthy institutional groups.

Our expertise covers everything from green-field development, cryptocurrency trading and mining, forex tranding to property management. Financially the company has been backed up by some of the wealthiest fund managers in the world as well as a successful entrepreneur from the gaming industry.

We are firmly committed with achieving best in class returns for our investors. The key to our success lies in forging and capitalising on solid and long-lasting relationships which can eventually translate into exclusive opportunities.